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  • IT Infrastructure Build

    Most businesses depend on software applications which in turn depends on the network infrastructure foundation that supports them. It is extremely important to have a reliable and secure network infrastructure so you can focus on running your business. Some technology firms implement networks using residential-grade networking solutions which often lead to unstable networks, poor performance and less return on investment. Ostec builds networks using enterprise-class solutions and solid design principles. This results in higher performance, more stability and a better long-term return on investment.

    Local Area Network (LAN) Infrastructure

    Whether your LAN is comprised of a few PC’s in a small office or a large campus network of interconnected buildings supporting thousands of devices, Ostec has the experience to build and support LAN’s using the latest switch and cabling technologies. Ostec’s focus on networking allows us to provide extensive specialized experience in LAN technologies often not available from general-purpose IT firms. Examples of technologies available in enterprise-class LAN’s such as those deployed by Ostec include:

    • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
    • Fiber optic Campus Area Network (CAN)
    • High availability switch redundancy
    • Fiber or wireless Metro Area Network (MAN)
    • Proper multilayer network design
    • High performance layer-3 switching
    • Wide Area Network (WAN) Infrastructure


    From small WAN’s of a couple of linked sites up to vast implementations of hundreds of sites, Ostec knows how to build and support enterprise WAN’s using the latest communication and technologies. Our extensive experience with many telecommunication carrier companies covers a wide variety of technologies including:

    • Advanced routing techniques with BGP
    • Multisite frame relay, MPLS, Ethernet WAN’s
    • Broadband cable modem/DSL VPN WAN’s
    • Traditional T1/DS1, T3/DS3, ISDN circuits
    • Disaster recovery network design
    • Cellular Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)



    As the front door gatekeeper of your network, it is critical that your firewall is up to the task in both capacity and configuration. About a third of Ostec’s services involve firewalls and we have decades of experience building, securing and supporting them. Ostec has a dedicated team of firewall engineers and offers advanced firewall design and configuration services including:

    • Redundant clustered firewalls
    • Highly customized deep inspection
    • Complex inter-vendor firewall migrations
    • Firewall consolidations
    • Rule audits and security policy clean-up
    • Multi-tier application DMZ’s
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technologies


    Enabling secure stable communications across untrusted networks such as the Internet has become commonplace. VPN’s serve as a secure and very cost effective way of linking sites or allowing secure remote access to a network from anywhere. Using the latest encryption and authentication technologies, Ostec often builds and supports enterprises with VPN-linked remote sites all over the world. Ostec has extensive experience with many kinds of VPN including:

    • IPSEC site-to-site VPN’s for inexpensive WAN’s
    • IPSEC remote access
    • SSL clientless remote access
    • SSL client-based remote access
    • Advanced directory authenticated remote access
    • Remote access endpoint security validation



    Many organizations have yet to realize 21st century network security realities. Ostec builds secure networks, secures existing networks and conducts network security assessments. We analyze networks for security issues, help fix them and show customers how to maintain solid and secure networks. Network security, a subset of information security, can be a challenge for most enterprises. Ostec has extensive experience with many areas of network security including:

    • Network Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)
    • Firewall and VPN
    • Network Security Assessment (NSA)
    • Email filtering
    • Web content filtering
    • Wireless security
    • Encryption
    • Authentication technologies
    • Secure data destruction
    • Disaster recovery
    • Network Admission Control (NAC)
    • Host intrusion prevention
    • Event correlation and log parsing
    • Security policies
    • Incident handling
    • Network forensics
    • Multilayer security defenses
    • Secure hosting design
    • Compliance (HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, PCI, FIPS, etc.)
    • Malware / virus / worm mitigation



    Ostec has deployed and supported multiple campuses of wireless coverage and larger multisite wireless designs. This typically includes central management and online site maps of radio coverage using the latest encryption and authentication security technologies. Unlike many other technology firms, Ostec has much deeper experience with wireless design and configuration in large enterprises and can offer services including:

    • Access Points (AP) with wireless roaming
    • Controller-based fleets of lightweight AP’s
    • Rogue AP tracking and mitigation
    • Wireless surveys with radio coverage “heat maps”
    • Inter-building wireless bridging
    • Unified management for large wireless deployments
    • RFID and other location tracking
    • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)



    Enterprise networks need to be continuously monitored to detect failures and proactively handle performance problems. Ostec has seen increasing interest in network management and monitoring systems. Our expertise in this area has allowed us to build, augment and support such systems in large scale environments such as campus LAN’s and multisite WAN’s. Ostec has partnered with IPSWITH Whats Up Gold to offer enterprise monitoring solutions.

    • Enterprise level live status maps
    • Polling of devices, interfaces and links
    • Performance analysis with base lining
    • Alerting and reporting of thresholds and events
    • NetFlow reporting and protocol analysis
    • Log collection, aggregation and correlation
  • Data Centre Services ( Build & Hosting )

    Benefits of a Data Centre to your Company

    Most small to medium sized business owners keep their server and other IT equipment on a shelf in the corner of the office or perhaps locked in the stationery cupboard. They might have it connected to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) so when power goes down the server will still keep on working. Also internet connection is a mission critical tool for most businesses so what do you do if the line goes down? You can have more than one line provided by different providers or have a mobile 3G backup though that is probably not going to be fast enough for your needs.

    What you can do is keep your important server or servers off site at a data centre. This has some major benefits:

    • A data center is essentially a computer room – a physical facility that allows you to store and manage your servers, networks and other computer equipment in a controlled environment
    • A data center is a building or premise that houses the central data processing equipment (i.e. servers and infrastructure required for operation) of one or several companies or organizations. The data center must consist of at least one separate room featuring independent power supply and climate control
    • The data center is the core of a company; it creates the technical and infrastructural conditions required for virtually all business processes in a company. It secures the installed servers and components in use, protects them from external dangers and provides the infrastructure required for continued reliable operation. The physical structure provides protection against unauthorized access, fire and natural disasters. The necessary power supply and climate control ensure reliability.


    Data Centre Developing Process:

    The first and most important step in constructing a data center is design planning. Our critical environment experts at Ostec will work with you to ensure peak performance and reliability of your data center before the first concrete is poured. Proper design for data center planning requires a thorough understanding of your specific operation, support equipment, objectives and needs today and into the future. With decades of experience, Ostec ensures maximum reliability and efficiency of each data center we design and build.

    Data Centre Design

    Our approach to every engagement starts with defining and understanding the project requirements for the data center and identifying the business objectives. This is followed by an assessment and audit of the available assets and inevitable detriments. We then establish the design criteria and create a preliminary design to summarize the associated project build costs.

    Our team of architects, consultants and mechanical and electrical engineers will work closely with you to create a design that provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution.

    Data Centre Build

    Once the design for the data center is complete, Ostec will manage the entire project to ensure it is completed on time and on budget. Ostec maintains relationships with ‘best-of-breed’, critical infrastructure suppliers, local architect/engineers and construction partners. This ensures you receive the best possible equipment cost, with the most favorable delivery terms and have it installed by the most skilled craftsman.

    Post construction, we will continue to work with you to service all equipment and ensure your data center operates at its most efficient with the highest network availability.

    Services Include:

    • Production of CAD design drawings and documentation
    • Network cabling infrastructure
    • Raised access floors and suspended ceilings
    • Power management, switchgear and distribution systems
    • Condensers and chillers
    • Air-conditioning and cooling systems
    • Fire detection and suppression systems
    • Security and access control systems
    • UPS systems
    • CCTV
    • Cold Aisle containment systems
    • Racking solutions
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Leak detection
    • PDUs
    • KVM solutions



    Many administrators and IT Managers are still asking this question. The reality here is that this is always going to be a bit of a challenge when the decision has to be made. The modern business continues to ask more from their IT department, while still spending lessOstec offers both build and outsourcing options!

    Build – To Build or remediate your existing in-house data center, relying on the expertise and resources of your internal IT staff to ensure the availability and security of your system. What kind of advantages are associated with building your own data center?  Mainly control; complete control over an operating environment, including access, temperature, etc. Low risk of losing your lease and the ability to leverage and share existing space.


    Many administrators and IT Managers are still asking this question. The reality here is that this is always going to be a bit of a challenge when the decision has to be made. The modern business continues to ask more from their IT department, while still spending lessOstec offers both build and outsourcing options!

    Even if IT is your core business, setting up your own data center or computer room is an expensive proposition both in terms of money, time and deployment of human resources. Apart from the high capital costs, there are the high day-to-day management costs. Routinely adding new services or upgrading to the latest technology is also not feasible. In this scenario, it makes sense to outsource this service to a co-location, carrier-neutral data center.

    Co-location means that you rent specific space to house your servers along with the servers of other companies in a common physical location. Each company’s equipment is physically secured inside a lockable wire cage or a cabinet. Co-location offers you the flexibility to upscale (or even downscale) your technology and requirements as your business grows (or slows down), without having to make repeated capital investments.

    With Ostec, you also benefit from the services and expertise of an in-house group of technicians – whose central focus is the security, availability and maintenance of your applications and mission critical data.


    OSTEC is a leader in Disaster recovery and workplace replacement services. Our proven business continuity and disaster recovery methods can help you maintain continuous business operations, manage costs, and improve overall resiliency.
    Choosing A Service Options
    By selecting one of the service options outlined below you can extend your most critical systems and data to our state of the art Data centre (DC).

    1. Basic Offsite Data Storage Service
    • Off-site tape rotation
    • Flexible backup schedules
    • The OSTEC team can configure and manage your solution and also perform system restore

    2. Connected Service:
    We offer a range of flexible replication, backup and recovery options, including replication of your data to our virtual servers in our DC, hosting your physical sever in our DC or cloud backups
    • A replica of all protected systems frequently updated by incremental backups with fail-over solution
    • Live connection between customer site and our secure DC
    • During downtime, we fail-over your network and make remote servers available within minutes

    3. Fully Managed Business Continuity Service
    In addition to real time data replication, we offer workspace recovery solutions
    • Centrally located, fully equipped office suites with parking, administrative and other essential work place services
    • Following an outage, the OSTEC team will connect your temporary office to your hosted servers within minutes
    • The team are also responsible for ensuring a streamlined communication and operational process during staff relocation
    • All three service options include the following:
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Unlimited Helpdesk Support 24/7
    • Up to 3rd Level Technical Support
    • Effective Call Logging and Fault Management
    • Post Incident Reviews
    • Monthly and Adhoc Reporting
    • Routine maintenance and health checks
    • What Are the Benefits
    Unrivalled Connectivity: Our data centres are home to a vast number of carriers and internet exchanges. We develop and de-ploy sophisticated supporting infrastructure to provide relia-ble and consistent power avail-ability and cooling. We provide multiple layers of security
    Reduce your cost: Reduce the cost of running your disaster recovery solution, allowing in-house technicians to focus on your core business activities
    Manage Complexity: We can manage elements from multiple vendors along with secure policies and service levels.

  • Enterprise Data Connectivity

    Ethernet not DSL!

    Fast is never fast enough, you need a heavy duty network built for your specific needs – whether you are building one from the ground up, or bringing diversity to an existing one. Ethernet is a dynamic network technology that drives your computing and storage applications—now and in the future.

    With its intelligence and flexibility, Ethernet is a strategic IT enabler, a game changer. Ostec has one of the largest Ethernet footprints in West Africa and dedicated support for businesses.

    The more technology you use, the more bandwidth you need. With fast, scalable Ethernet, you’re ready for tomorrow. Whether it’s for accessing cloud services, connecting offices from multiple locations, or needing a flexible solution for your unique industry, Ethernet Services from Ostec is the answer. Our diverse network is built on a massive footprint and offers an end-to-end solution that is covered by our Ostec Promise.


    Business Ethernet Products

    • Scalable Multipoint Connectivity for the Fastest Speeds
      We offer a number of Ethernet services to address your specific needs. Whether you need multi-office connectivity, a reliable connection with the fastest speeds that scales with your growth, or service that works the same for your dynamic workforce – in and out of the office – we have a technology solution for you.
    • Our Ethernet services include:
      Dedicated Internet                        Network Service                 Ethernet Private Line
      Internet for Branch Offices         Cell Backhaul                       Data Center


    Ethernet Built For High Data Traffic.

    Your company has locations all over the map, but needs to connect them as if they are all in the same building. Ostec Ethernet Network Services can seamlessly network you with 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps Ethernet User-to-Network Interfaces (UNI) that are Certified MEF Compliant.

    Why Ostec Ethernet Network Service?

    Ethernet Network Service enables customers to connect physically distributed locations across a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) as if they are on the same Local Area Network (LAN). The service provides Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) transparency and enables customers to implement their own VLANs without coordination with Ostec. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to traditional hub and spoke network topologies, offering a more flexible and scalable network solution.

    The applications…

    Our network is built to enable deployment of enterprise grade applications by our customers. One such key application is Voice. Over the last decade, we have helped some of the largest global organizations operating in West Africa with their International VoIP and MAN VoIP requirements.

    Your internet service from Ostec will enable you deliver telco grade voice quality and excellent video conferencing at no cost between your local and international site. We can also provide you with account facilities to achieve these same benefits at a 70% to 80% savings on your ‘off network’ international calls.

Managed Services

Intelligent IT services outsourcing
gives you freedom

  • Enterprise Managed Services

    Leveraging on information and communication technology for business success is the key to survival in the modern business world. However, maintaining a fast, reliable and secure IP network requires regular investment in infrastructure and staff training.

    Ostec’s managed services give companies access to leading network technologies and management expertise without requiring high capital expenditure.  Our solutions couple operational efficiency with concrete support for business innovation and at the same time presents the lowest risk profile for managing change.

    We deliver services based on the terms of a Services Level Agreement (SLA) to meet your business needs. These include:

    • Managing your network equipment, applications and services on your premise
    • Remote monitoring and problem diagnosis, statistics collation, remote configuration and changes. This can be combined with maintenance services to provide a full support package.
    •  Hosting your equipment in our state-of-the-art Data Center and providing services to you over a Wide Area Network.
    • Cost Effective – Reduces costs and makes the IT budget more stable and predictable
    • Expert Resources – Increases levels of support and network availability without additional staff
    • Efficiency – Enables organisations to focus on the core business
    • Tailored Solutions – All services are fully tailored around your technical and business needs

    Business Challenge

    In 2009, Vodafone was on a mission to become Ghana’s top telecommunications service provider. For help in expanding their technical capabilities and operational efficiency, Vodafone wanted to team with a provider with extensive experience in technology enablement and managed services. Against these capabilities, Ostec stood apart.

    Business Solution

    Ostec in considering Vodafone’s strategy, designed, developed and currently manage a Tier 3 standard Data Centre which houses all their mission-critical networking equipment, applications and services. Ostec’s 24×7 system maintenance services include, data centre monitoring and technical support, customized SLA, escalation management, logistics and field engineering.

    Business Results

    By partnering with Ostec, Vodafone has been able to scale its services to meet the demands of its growing customers without increasing head count. Ostec’s solution frees Vodafone’s IT infrastructure team to focus on more strategic technology projects.

    We saw that Ostec had a clear and comprehensive data centre vision that could help us build a better infrastructure, they deliver what they promise, and their deployment services are of the highest quality.”
    Edward Baah – Head of Infrastructure, Vodafone Ghana

  • Data Centre Managed Services

    Management and Support of your Data Centre

    A reliable, robust IT infrastructure is no longer an option. It’s a must. And an integral part of that infrastructure is ongoing maintenance.

    Ostec supports demanding businesses with reliable, accessible, and experienced customer support for mission-critical operations in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our experienced data center staff engineers, technicians, and customer care specialists offer onsite technical and logistical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.



At Ostec consulting, we draw on a deep research-based understanding of your business, your technology, your markets, and your challenges. We work closely with our consultants to apply their proven expertise to your ever-shifting priorities

We are experts at providing advisory and managerial services that will meet any of your short or long-term IT objectives. We leverage our deep industry expertise and broad technology competencies to achieve market leadership in development, migration, testing, support, and maintenance.

Taking Full Advantage of Technology Driven Opportunities

A major advantage of technology consulting is that, a business can pursue technology driven opportunities and not get left behind. It helps businesses discover the best use of information technology and also implement, deploy and administer efficient IT systems. A business’s success is determined by its ability to reach out to wider markets and improve customer access.

Maximizing value of IT investments

Business success is assured if users can make optimum use of technology, which promotes business growth and ensures that the IT assets offer high ROI. Getting the best of out of IT investments is dependent on having the requisite IT capabilities and infrastructure that meets the changing demands of the marketplace.

Gain time to focus on core business functions

People are generally happiest doing what they do best. And they get frustrated by distracting tasks that have nothing to do with their essential job functions. The time and effort spent on figuring out Information Technology has a very real opportunity cost. More often than not, researching solutions, implementing new technology and fixing technology problems are extremely inefficient for non IT professionals. IT consulting frees internal staff to spend time focusing on revenue-generating opportunities for the business.

Danida, a body of the Denmark Ministry of Foreign Affairs that distributes foreign aid and international development funds, was approached to fund a US$60 million facility to Government of Ghana’s Eastern Corridor Fibre Optic project plus Data Center and Managed Services. Danida together with COWI, a leading international consulting group, appointed OSTEC as lead local sector consultants for the pre- appraisal activity for the funding.

Ostec’s pre appraisal activity included:

Engagement of government officials at ministerial level, to examine the socio economic impact and facility payback viability of the project.