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Disaster Recovery Ostec Disaster Recovery and Workspace Recovery Services.

  • Traditional workplace recovery services have usually only been in the reach of large organizations, due to the high cost of having this service. Fortunately for businesses, Ostec makes designing, deploying and managing a Disaster Recovery plan less painful and more affordable.

    In the event of a disaster, we are capable of delivering all of the key elements of business continuity to get your business running – work area, power, technology and connectivity. The solutions we offer are not one size fits all. They are designed for each customer’s business, technical and budget needs. Just as important, they are fully managed and backed by our highly experienced support team.

    Our Disaster Recovery Services division is responsible for the management of services for both local and international organizations including L’Oreal Ghana.

  • Connected Service:

    A replica of all protected systems frequently updated by incremental backups with fail-over solution

    • Live connection between customer site and remote secure data centre
    • Data is replicated in real time
    • During downtime, the Ostec team will fail-over your network and make remote servers available within minutes

    Fully Managed Business Continuity Service:

    In addition to real time data replication, Ostec offers workspace recovery solutions

    • Centrally located, fully equipped office suites with parking, administrative and other essential work place services
    • Following an outage, the Ostec team will connect your temporary office to your hosted server within minutes
    • The team are also responsible for ensuring a streamlined communication and operational process during staff relocation

    Basic Offsite Data Storage Service:

    Backup service which protects against data loss and corruption

    • Off-site tape rotation
    • Flexible backup schedules
    • The Ostec team configures and manages your solution and performs restores

    Flexibility: we design services in a variety of different configurations to meet your needs
    Unrivalled connectivity: our data centres are home to a vast number of carriers and internet exchanges
    Superior resilience: we develop and deploy sophisticated supporting infrastructure to provide reliable and consistent power availability and cooling

    High-grade security: we provide multiple layers of security

  • Business Challenge
    L’Oréal Group is the world’s largest cosmetics & beauty company. The company’s West Africa HQ is located in Ghana. L’Oréal concluded a major IT Assets Refresh program in 2010 and immediately commenced a regional search for a Disaster Recovery & Workplace Recovery service provider.

    Business Solution
    Ostec was selected as preferred partner for Disaster Recovery & Workplace Recovery services in early 2011. The solution was fully implemented in June 2011.

    Business Benefits
    By partnering with Ostec, L’Oréal has been able to achieve an enterprise class DR service with the right technology quickly without new CAPEX or head count.

    Appointing the right partner to fit our requirements; not just in terms of technology but a perfect understanding of our business was key. Ostec has given us the perfect balance of technology and back office expertise to deliver an outstanding Disaster Recovery & Workplace Recovery service.

    Emmanuel Appeadu-Mensah – Information Systems Manager L’Oreal West Africa.

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